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Quantum Immersion Workshop at Stony Brook  
SBU-BNL Quantum Immersion Workshop

The goal of this Quantum Immersion Workshop is to build a Quantum Information Science (QIS) community of researchers between Stony Brook University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and other partners. This workshop will showcase State of the Art Research in QIS and provide a forum to discuss opportunities to engage in QIS research.

Featuring five sessions on:

  • Quantum Networking and Cryptography
  • Quantum Algorithms and Programming Environment
  • Analog Quantum Simulation
  • Engineering of Quantum Devices
  • Quantum Materials
Provost Lecture: "Bulding a Quantum Computer" by Dr. Barry Sanders, Director of the Institute for Quantum Science and Technology at the University of Calgary.

Provost Lecture: "Quantum Machine Learning" by Dr. Seth Lloyd, Professor of engineering, MIT

Sponsored by Office of the Vice President for Research (SBU), SUNY Quantum Information Science Center on Long Island (SBU/SUNY), Computational Science Initiative (BNL), Institute for Advanced Computational Sciences (SBU), College of Arts and Sciences (SBU), College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SBU)

The event is free, but registration is required. For more information and to register, please visit here.

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