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Jac Verbaarschot - 10 years leadership of the physics graduate programs  

With the beginning of the academic year Jac Verbaarschot has stepped down as Graduate Program Director (GPD). Jac started leading the graduate programs in 2009 and has quietly and largely behind the scenes been a cornerstone of the operation of the department for the past 10 years. During his tenure Jac continued an active research program publishing 45 papers while serving as GPD.

Over the 10 years about 300 PhD student joined our program and nearly 250 students completed their PhD. Almost all of which moved on to postdoc position and other employment. Jac led the effort to increase the size of our Master program to about 70 students and established it as serious degree granting program that enables many recipients to continue to PhD programs.

Jac deeply cares about the students in our programs. He personally advised all students about classes and opportunities in the department with a focus to assure that struggling students do not fall behind and advanced students excel. Jac introduced several new opportunities for graduate students, like a new PhD concentration in Physical Biology or multiple tracks in the Master program. He oversaw regular revisions of the curriculum, organizing the visiting days student days, instituted a follow-up questionnaire to students who did not accept our offer and selected another institution, and was excellent at keeping records and statistics, not only as a snapshot of the current situation, but following the trends over the years.

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