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Stony Brook Physics & Astronomy: Staff

Jin Bentley Rich Berscak Helen Carrano Frank Chin Klaus Dehmelt Socoro Delquaglio
Diane Diaferia Paul DiMatteo Elizabeth Gasparino Chi Hung Mark Jablonski Pernille Jensen
Richard Lefferts Nathan Leoce-Schappin Andrzej Lipski Kim-Kwee Ng Bent Nielsen John Noe
Jeffrey Slechta Maria Sukhanova Jeffrey Thomas

Follow the links below to the listing of staff according to research areas and institutions.

Bee, Christopher
Bentley, Jin
Berscak, Rich
Carrano, Helen
Chang, Sherry
Chin, Frank
Dehmelt, Klaus
Delquaglio, Socoro
Diaferia, Diane
DiMatteo, Paul
Gasparino, Elizabeth
Hung, Chi Ming
Jablonski, Mark
Jensen, Pernille
Lefferts, Richard
Leoce-Schappin, Nathan
Liang, Xue
Lipski, Andrzej
Ng, Kim-Kwee
Nielsen, Bent
Noe, John
Northacker, David
Park, Sanghwa
Pollydore, Flora
Shafto, Eugene
Sheehan III, Donald
Slechta, Jeffrey
Sukhanova, Maria
Thomas, Jeffrey
Vera-Viteri, Marlene
Williams, Sharon

Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Quantum Electronics

John Noe, University Instructional Specialist-State, Ph.D.
Physics S-137/S-202, 2-8146/2-4303,

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Xue Liang, Staff Research,

C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics

Helen Carrano, Staff Assistant - State.
Math Tower 6-1118, 2-7983,

Elizabeth Gasparino, Assistant to the Director of the C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics-State.
Math Tower 6-106, 2-7979,

Chi Ming Hung, Senior Programmer/Analyst-YITP State, Ph.D, Stony Brook University, 1997. Nuclear Theory.
Math Tower 5-101, 2-4157,

Condensed Matter - Experimental and Device Physics

Pernille Jensen, Research Administrator-Research.
Physics B-136, 2-4975,

Department Staff

Jin Bentley, Lead Business and Grant Manager-State.
Physics P-107, 2-8080,

Rich Berscak, Building Manager-State.
Physics P-115, 2-8042,

Frank Chin, Director of Laboratories -State.
Physics P-109, 2-8090,

Socoro Delquaglio, Business Officer and Grant Manager-Research.
Physics P-110, 2-8757,

Diane Diaferia, Assistant Director Undergraduate Program-State.
Physics P-110, 2-8036,

Nathan Leoce-Schappin, Department Administrator/ATC.
Physics P-104, 2-8066,

Bent Nielsen, Manager Instructional Laboratories -State, Ph.D.
Physics B-108A, 2-9753,

Donald Sheehan III, Assistant Graduate Program Director-State.
Physics P-110, 2-8759,

Maria Sukhanova, Business and Grant Coordinator-State.
Physics P-110, 2-9464,

Electronics Shop

Eugene Shafto, Technical Staff-State.
Physics S-257A, 2-9490,

High Energy Physics - Experimental

Christopher Bee, Senior Research Scientist, Ph.D. University of Lancaster, 1983. Particle Physics.
Physics D-140, 2-8298,

Kim-Kwee Ng, Computer Specialist-State, Ph.D. State University of New York at Stony Brook. Astrophysics.
Physics D-113, 2-8189,

David Northacker, Technical Staff-State.
Physics D-127, 2-8296,


Sherry Chang, Associate Director of University Libraries for Public Services and Head of Math/Physics/Astronomy Library.
Physics C-130, 2-7145,

Flora Pollydore, Library Clerk.
Physics C-130, 2-7145,

Sharon Williams, Library Clerk.
Physics C-130, 2-7145,

Machine Shop

Paul DiMatteo, Lab Equipment Designer-State.
Physics S-179, 2-8073,

Mark Jablonski, Technical Staff-State.
Physics S-179, 2-8073,

Jeffrey Slechta, Technical Staff-State.
Physics S-179, 2-8073,

Jeffrey Thomas, Lab Equipment Designer-State.
Physics S-179, 2-8073,

Nuclear Physics - Theory

Marlene Vera-Viteri, Staff Assistant-State.
Physics C-136, 2-8135,

Nuclear and Heavy Ion Physics - Experimental

Klaus Dehmelt, University Support Specialist-State, Ph.D.
Physics C-108, 2-8115,

Richard Lefferts, Technical Staff-State.
VdG - 7, 2-8169/2-8153,

Andrzej Lipski, Technical Staff-State.
Physics S-106, 2-8147,

Sanghwa Park, Postdoc (Research), Seoul National University, 2015.

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