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Poster Printing is offered for department faculty and students for research and teaching presentations.

Please read the following notes BEFORE requesting poster prints:

  1. To obtain a poster print or request information, please do not wait until the last minute. Contact: Rich Berscak, 2-8042, (Cell) 631-767-8799. Alternate Contact: Frank Chin, 2-8090, (Cell) 631-767-8798)
  2. The Physics and Astronomy Department HP Design Jet 5500 PS (42 inch) UV six-color poster printer is kept secure in a locked room on the Plaza level (ground floor) of the Physics Building. You will not print the poster yourself. Rich or Bob will print it for you. They are busy people, which explains item #3).
  3. There is a two day turn around for all poster print requests. Do not expect a last-minute "rush"job;.
  4. All prints should be from Windows software platforms using PowerPoint, pdf, or postscript formats.
  5. The poster print size MUST be formatted on the computer in which the print file is generated. To do this: Click on File, Click on Page Setup, Click Paper, then set poster size width and height. Maximum size in one dimension cannot exceed 40 inchesFor poster with a height greater than 40 inches, the print can be made in "Landscape" mode as long as the "new" height dimension is NOT set greater than 40 inches. Maximum poster length should be 48 inches or less.
  6. Poster print files MUST have Embedded True Type Fonts set on the Tools Menu. To do this: Click on Tools Menu, Click on Options, Click on Save, then click on (check box for) Embedded True Type Fonts.
  7. The poster background must be "white" . Do not fill in the poster background with a color.
  8. A print file MUST be brought to the printer on a memory stick or CD. Re-read items #4, #5, #6, and #7.
  9. Correct formatting is the responsibility of the requester, who will have to pay for a poor print resulting from his/her formatting error(s). If in doubt, ask for help from someone who made successful prints.
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