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SBU Awarded NSF Funding for Multidisciplinary Project to Advance Technology  

As lead institution for the U.S. ATLAS collaboration, Stony Brook University has received additional National Science Foundation (NSF) funding toward the project. This recent $5.4M award for U.S. ATLAS Operations: Discovery and Measurement at the Energy Frontier will stimulate development of a scientific and technically educated workforce, advancing the multidisciplinary application of technology and the popularization and dissemination of science to the general public.

Stony Brook Physics Professor John Hobbs is principal investigator for U.S. NSF operations of ATLAS, which will receive a total amount of over $54M in funding to date. This ongoing project provides the U.S. contribution to the international ATLAS experiment at the powerful Large Hadron Collider (LHC) located at CERN in Switzerland.

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