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MAT Physics Program  
Photo: From left to right, Axel Drees (Physics & Astronomy Chair), Angela Kelly (Associate Director, Science Education, Associate Prof. Physics), Linda Padwa (Associate Director, Science Education, Coordinator, NYS Master Teacher Program), Robert McCarthy (Physics & Astronomy Undergraduate Director), Keith Sheppard (Director, Institute for STEM Education, Associate Professor, Biochemistry & Cell Biology)

The Master of Arts in Teaching Physics program at Stony Brook is one of the most successful programs of its type in the United States. The PhysTEC coalition finds that we have been within the top 5 programs in the country for the last three years. The reason for our success is that we require strong academic content, a BS in Physics, to enter the program. The program is actually better than the graph shows because other programs only require a degree in physics education whereas we require a major in physics and students take pedagogy courses in the Science Education Program. The fact that our physics teachers have strong content knowledge leads employers to hire them.


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