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2017 SEED Grant Recipient: Matt Dawber  

The SBU-BNL Seed Grant program began 19 years ago and serves to foster collaborative efforts between scientists at the University and Brookhaven National Lab. It is a key element for developing synergistic activities that can grow joint research programs that are aligned with the strategic plans of both institutions.

Please join us in congratulating this year’s awardees:

Matthew Dawber (SBU) and Andrei Fluerasu (BNL): "Unlocking the Secrets of Domain Wall Dynamics in Ferroelectric Superlattices with Coherent X-Rays".

The research focus of Matt Dawber's laboratory is on ferroelectric materials, and in particular artificially layered thin films of these materials known as superlattices. Within these materials the electrical polarization arranges itself in nanoscale patterns called domains, which move in response to temperature or electric field. Due to their extremely small size this motion can be hard to detect, but one powerful approach is to illuminate them with coherent x-rays, measure the scattering from them and look for correlations as function of time during domain wall motion. In a coherent x-ray beam the x-rays are in phase with each other, which means that the scattering features from the sample have detailed information about the arrangement of domains encoded within them that is lost when conventional incoherent x-ray beams are used. Andrei Fluerasu, is the Lead Beamline Scientist at the CHX beamline at NSLS-II at Brookhaven National Laboratory, a unique resource for producing highly intense and focused coherent x-ray beams and performing scattering experiments with those beams. This seed grant will allow the two teams to bring the cutting edge capabilities of CHX to bear on the samples produced in Dawber's laboratory and unlock the secrets of domain wall dynamics in these fascinating and technologically important materials.


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