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Electronic Shop Staff

Electronic Shop Staff

Machine Shop Staff

Machine Shop Staff

Machine Shop Rates

  • Research Foundation funding: $48 per hour
  • Outside clients: $62 per hour
Material and specialized tooling is charged in addition to the labor rates.


Electronic Shop       (Room S-257, 7AM - 3PM M-F)

The Electronics Shop offers a wide range of services including repair and manufacturing. Please contact Eugene Shafto for details and information.

Machine Shop       (Room S-277, 7AM - 6PM M-F)

The Department of Physics and astronomy Machine Shop provides to the SUNY campus community a wide range of technical support for mechanical systems design as well as extensive manufacturing capabilities ( download brochure). Our Machine Shop is particularly well suited for the design and manufacturing of research and prototype systems. We can assist in your design requirements from initial concept to final components and assemblies. We have a full range of modern machine tools:

  • 4 CNC (Computer Numerical control) Milling machines.
  • 11 Standard manual milling machines (includes one Series II).
  • 7 Lathes (includes 3 Hardinge Toolroom, 3 Engine, Nordic, and LeBlonde).
  • 2 Precision Surface grinders.
  • 5 Band Saws (2 horizontal Kalamazoo,3 vertical DoAll).
  • 6 Drill Presses(includes one Commander Johansson Power Tap).
  • Full Sheet metal shop (6'shear, 6'brake, 6'roller, Punch presses, notcher, etc.).
  • 3 Miller welding machines (GTAW)
  • Full wood working shop (table saw, planers, belt sanders, chop saw, formica, etc.).
  • More....
Our shop is available to provide clients a wide extent of precision fabrication services from prototype one-offs to production runs.
  • Precision machining in all materials (stainless, aluminum, brass, steel, copper, ceramics, plastics and exotic materials as NbTi, Tantalum, Molybdenum, Macor, ceramic)
  • Highest quality (GTAW) gas tungsten arc welding (stainless, aluminum and steel from .010 inches to 1 inch thick) for all fabrication requirements ranging from ultra high vacuum chambers to large structures
  • CADCAM platforms include AutoCAD, SolidWorks, MasterCam and Bridgeport EZCAM
  • Precision assembly and test available for all systems manufactured (gear trains, power transmission, high vacuum, housings, electronic equipment racks, motion devices, etc.)
  • Heavy manufacturing capability (5 ton crane, 2 ton fork lift truck, multiple 2 ton chain hoists)
  • Wide variety of raw material in stock (stainless, aluminum, copper, steel, plastics, machinable ceramics and fiberglass) for fast "turn- around on manufacturing services is available
  • Consulting services available for manufacturing, tooling and assembly design requirements

If the fabrication of specialized mechanical laboratory equipment is required, or if existing equipment needs modification or repair, contact the Machine Shop Director, Frank Chin.

Each machine shop staff member (Paul DiMateo, Mark Jablonski, Jeff Slechta, Jeffrey Thomas) has 25+ years experience in design and fabrication processes. Labor rates are $48 per hour plus material costs when using Research Foundation funding; all other clients are charged $56 per hour plus material. If specialized tooling is required an additional fee may be incurred.

Machine Shop
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