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The Feingold Prize in Introductory Astronomy

Established in 2000, this prize honors outstanding performance in the Department's various "non-Astronomy major" courses. The specific text of the prize is:

The study of the Universe has traditionally had tremendous appeal to non-specialists. Undergraduates at Stony Brook demonstrate this interest every year by the very large enrollments in the lower division astronomy courses for the non-specialists, AST 101, "Introduction to Astronomy", AST 105, "Introduction to the Solar System", and AST 248, "The Search for Life in the Universe". While majors in the physical sciences are recognized for excellence through the conferring of a variety of departmental and college prizes, no such opportunity has been available for the non-specialist who excels in the science course taken for general interest. To acknowledge the importance of outreach in science and to recognize the importance of the non-scientists in our curriculum, the Department of Physics and Astronomy has established the A.M. Feingold Prize in Astronomy. The prize, which consists of a book and a certificate, will be awarded each term to the students of high achievement and outstanding potential in each of the three courses, AST 101, 105, and 248. All registered students are eligible, but the emphasis will be to recognize those in the non-technical disciplines.

The prize winners and listed below:


AST 101
Intro to Astronomy

AST 105
Intro Solar System

AST 248
Search for Life

Fall 2000 Grace Ho Ed Coffin Adi Zolotov
Spring 2001 Danielle Mancuso Jeffery Renert Thomas Rouge
Fall 2001 Mary Jane Potocnik Raheel Ahmad Khan Jesse J. Miner
Spring 2002 Lauren Esposito Zachary Kelly Erik Jones
Fall 2002 Melissa Stephenson Travis Aria Haylee G. Hebenstreit
Spring 2003 Kate Elizabeth Sampson Kate Kolihova*
Margaret Ann Larmor*
Randi Borofsky
Fall 2003 Jean Marie Hatred Eva Sawyer Brent W. Nyack
Spring 2004 William Raphaely James Mullaney Mose Wingert
Fall 2004 Brandon Donoher Joseph Motroni Michael Serano
Spring 2005 - Robyn Odegaard -
Fall 2005 Robert Ryan Ming-Chu Lee Michael Bernstein
Spring 2006 Daniel Rause Cassandra Furst*
Kristen Gallo*
Antoine Ferrer
Fall 2006 John Lozowski Thomas W. Bobka Daniel Stelmach
Spring 2007 Emily Romanello Allen Kolenovic Young Chol Song
Fall 2007 Ketur Patel Victoria Munoz Corinne Hotaling
Spring 2008 Bernadette Tinio Sergey Moyseyenko*
Maxwell Simmons*
John Hughes
Fall 2008 Michelle Vessio Brian Aronson Richard Hollon
Spring 2009 Jonathn Nuszen Minhue Kim Andrew Hu
Fall 2009 Derek Gumb Amanda Jaeger*
Alycia LaGuardia*
Eric Herman

*Some years there is more than one winner in a given class.




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